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How Beneficial Is SMS Marketing for Your Business

Different kinds of marketing tricks have emerged, however; SMS marketing is considered one of the most effective strategies to advertise services and goods offered by business houses.

An individual needs to opt-in to get into the SMS messaging database of a business. This means that SMS marketing services are available to only those who want it. This increases chances of the targeted audiences converting into potential clients.

Text messages are opened and read by almost all. This increases the number of customers, who shall read long the promotional messages and may turn out to be potential customers of the future. Direct mail campaigns reach out to only 10% of total recipients, whereas SMS messages are read by over 90% of recipient.

SMS marketing strategies enable marketers customize messages to group of people or an individual. These help in increasing sales and develop a close rapport with potential customers. SMS alerts can be sent unlimited number of times to increase the return on investment or ROI. Restaurant owners and spas send out messages in the early morning stating details about lunch specials or discounts on packages. SMS marketing strategy is considered particularly beneficial when it comes to boosting the business during the slow days.

Timing is an important factor in SMS marketing strategy. Since it takes very little time from composition of a message and to its delivery to the pre-selected audiences, time sensitive ads can be messaged to customers before the coupon code or information expires. Additionally, you don’t have to pay anything extra like you have to do while advertising in billboards, print media, electronics media etc. You save the environment from further degradation, as you save on printed advertisements or broachers.

According to statistical data collected over the years, whereas the response rate for other kinds of marketing strategies are just 3%, response rate for SMS marketing strategy is about 40%. SMS private label marketing and White label marketing solutions has made it possible for business houses to offer details about new product lunches, deals, coupons, discounts to the customers directly and improve the chances of increasing their sales.

Delivery of messages is far more secured than mail delivery, as the emails at times get stored in junk mail box.

Leisure venues, drink firms, banks, and entertainment venues mostly uses SMS marketing strategy to update customers about the latest discounts and exciting offers. MMS, SMS, picture messages, are increasingly being used as marketing tools. Text messages have become the most convenient methods for building new relations and nurturing the old ones. Small as well as big business organizations consider SMS marketing strategy an effective tool for establishing brand loyalty.

SMS marketing services ensure that messages they send out are attractive, precise and preferably not more than 160 characters. Since customers cannot be expected to stand in the middle of the road to read the long paragraphs stating about discounts and other interesting offers, SMS marketing services ensure that messages are short, appealing and easy to comprehend as well.

By: Nick P.

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